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"Unveiling the Artistic World of Carla Daly @Redbubble: A Closer Look at Her Creative Designs and Inspirations"

Carla Daly @Redbubble

I am slowly adding my art to Redbubble. What a great interface and marketplace for independent artist. It gives me an opportunity to add my work to a wider product range and audience. I nearly have 200 images uploaded, well nearly :) It is time consuming but it helps me create new images for product as it gets me thinking of how an art image would look like as an apron or clock etc.

You can now get my images like this map of Ireland, map of world, lion in the jungle, Santorini, Greece and this fun yellow taxi in New York on mugs, t-shirts, socks, duffle bags, tote bags, throw pillows, back packs and more.

Redbubble is a huge market place, it is a big market to get exposure in, though I have been selling from the first month I started. I am slowly trying to build on that and I am uploading more as I create more images! The bigger volume of product I have will help my sales. (I hope!)

Keep an eye out for some of my unique art images on these fab Redbubble products.

Please follow me on Redbubble, having followers helps an artist to grow there business. Every little bit helps, please share the love :)

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