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Noah's Ark (Christening)

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Noah's Ark (Christening)

Maximum number of characters: 64

Maximum number of characters: 120

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Name: Noah's Ark

Type: Personalised Christening Gifts

Size: 40 x 50cm

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One of our top sellers, Noah's Ark wall print personalised with child's Christening details. Add name, Christening date, priest, mum, dad, sister, brother, godparetns and grandparents. All are taking a trip on Naoh's Christening Ark!

* Please note : You can leave out information in the personalisation boxes, not all the boxes need to be filled. For example, if you want to leave our Grandparents leave their corresponding boxes empty. The only box that has to be filled is - Child's Name.

Noah's Ark Christening Gift

Noah's Ark Christening gift is one of my most popular prints. I think the attraction of the biblical story for a child's Christening is appealing. Noah is waiting by the ark, welcoming all the animals. The animals come into the ark two by two. On your Noah's Ark christening print each pair of animals is named as a family member. Mum and dad are the elephants in the foreground, grandparents are the lions in the front and giraffes in the boat. Godparents are the hippos approaching the ark. 

The colours are lovely and bright and are enhanced even more by the high quality photographic paper they are printed on to. You have the option of purchasing your Noah's ark print framed or unframed.

For more information on your Noah's Ark Christening gift contact Carla at

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