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Jungle Bus Blue (Newborn Gift)

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Jungle Bus Blue (Newborn Gift)

Maximum number of characters: 64

Maximum number of characters: 120

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Name: Jungle Bus Blue

Type: Personalised Baby Gifts

Size: 30 x 40 cm (12"x 16")

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Jungle Bus Blue - newborn gift personalised with name, birth date, family name and other birth details. A unique personalised gift for a newborn baby. Illustrated by Irish artist Carla Daly.

You title your jungle bus as you like. Customers have titles their bus with titles such as Ciara's country tours, John's Welcome Bus. Mum, dad, sister, brother names are added to the cows in the field. Grandparents are taking a ride on the jungle bus looking out to the countryside.

Opt to frame your print on the product page. We offer free shipping with Ireland and worldwide.

* Please note : You can leave out information in the personalisation boxes, not all the boxes need to be filled. For example, if you want to leave our Grandparents leave their corresponding boxes empty. The only box that has to be filled is - Child's Name.

*You can call your bus by any heading you want, for example - Simon's Sightseeing Tours of Paul's Welcome Bus etc. Just add name in the box provided.

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