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Christening Church (Christening)

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Christening Church Art

Maximum number of characters: 120

Maximum number of characters: 100

Name: Personalised Christening Church

Type: Christening Gift

Size: 30 x 40 cm

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You can opt to frame your Christening Church wall print, the option is availoable on the product page. We also offer a personalisation box the gives you the option to add more information. People have added extra godparents, anties, uncles and cousin. You can choose what extra information will suit your print. 

* Please note : You can leave out information in the personalisation boxes, not all the boxes need to be filled. For example, you can leave out Priest name, brothers, sisters etc. It could be replaced with other information. The only box that has to be filled is - Child's Name.

Christening Church Art

After noticing the interesting in my white Christening church art print, I wanted to create an image that had a more Irish looking church in it, I created this Christening print with a grey church. I also like the idea that I can add a lot more characters to this print than any other of my Christening prints. I have added over 15 characters to this print! That takes a lot of work but looks great.

In this Christening print, mummy and daddy are pushing baby in a pram to the church. Priest is waiting to greet tehm and all the celebrants are also heading to the church.

Each character is names as a family member, mum and dad are lions and  Godparents are elephant and a Rhino. Your child's name is in large text at the top of the page. This is a lovely print to celebrate an Irish Christening. If you have any special requirements call contact Carla at

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